Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knitting Stitch Gallery

With all the knitting projects that I have on my website, I have finally added a knitting stitch gallery. I will be adding more stitches over time, but here's a few that you can get started with.

Garter Stitch ~ The garter stitch produces a flat and even piece of knitting that is both practical and pretty. It's so simple to knit - it's probably the first stitch that most knitters will learn. But that doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Harris Tweed Rib Stitch ~ This stitch has raised columns and rows that form a grid like pattern that's very beautiful when knitted with a rich coloured yarn. This stitch will make any finished piece bold and interesting.

Linen Stitch ~ The linen stitch creates a woven look to the finished piece, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. For great results, use thick, chunky wool or multi-coloured yarn to highlight the woven look of the linen stitch.

Roman Stitch ~ Finished pieces using the roman stitch have raised stitches spaced evenly throughout the rows. This gives the knitting a lovely textured look and adds dimension as well.

Ready to start knitting? Then please visit The Knitting Stitch Gallery to see pictures of what these stitches look like and to learn the pattern for each stitch.

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