Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Favourite Cross Stitch Tips

Cross stitching is a very relaxing hobby. It's wonderful to see a pattern come to life as you complete each stitch and to show off your work when you are done. But while it may be easy to learn, there are some tricks and tips that can help you to make your cross stitching look the best it can! Here's some of my favourite tips:
  1. Use magnets. They are a great way to keep track of your needles and ensure that you don't loose them in between thread changes. Plus, if you do drop your needle, just sweep the magnet over the area and it'll find your magnet for you!
  2. Keep thread lengths short. It's easy for thread to become tangled, but if you use shorter lengths they won't tangle as often. Another added benefit is that the thread will look neater. That's because each time you pull the thread through the fabric, it starts to wear out. The less number of times that you pull it through the fabric, the less it'll wear out and the better it will look.
  3. Use hoops or roll your fabric. The best way to remove creases from your fabric is by preventing them to begin with. The key is to not fold the fabric. You can use a hoop when stitching or roll the side up so that the fabric doesn't get any creases in it. Just make sure to remove the hoop when you have finished stitching for the day, otherwise the hoop will crease the fabric.
  4. Use cold water. If your needlework does become dirty while you are working on it, simply pour some cold water and Ivory dishwashing liquid in a flat pan. Soak your needlework until the dirt comes off and then gently rinse it under cold water. Never scrub or wrinkle your needlework, otherwise you could damage it. Finally, lay the needlework out flat to allow it to dry.
I hope that you have found these tips useful. Please visit Beautiful Creations for more Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks. But before you go, leave a comment below to let me know what some of your favourite cross stitch tips and tricks are.


  1. Thanks for your tips. Here are a few of mine:

    I love using my q-snaps because some of my older hoops would leave permanent creases.

    I also use magnets for my needles. On the bottom of the clip board, I keep a strip of magnetic tape to hold needles.

    The clip board holds my patterns.

    On the black and white patterns, I use a highlighter to keep my place.

  2. Joanne

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today...I love your halloween bags...wish I had time to make those for my grandkids too..hehehe! have a great weekend.

    Oh and wow thanks for adding me to your blog list too....