Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Receiving Handmade Gifts

Last week I talked about how I love to give handmade gifts to people. But you know what? I also love receiving handmade gifts! I feel that if someone has taken the time to make me something, then they really care about me. I cherish that feeling and the gift.

I think the handmade gifts that I treasure the most are from my parents. My mom loves to quilt and has made me quite a few quilts over the years. They're better than anything I could buy in a store. And yes mom, I even loved the baby quilt that you made for me years ago – despite the fact that I didn't even have a boyfriend at the time! Hmm, no pressure there, really. :-)

Quite a few years ago, my dad started into woodworking. At first, he made his own picture frames – to showcase photos he had taken – and then he slowly started making furniture. The first piece he ever made for me was a bookshelf that I took with me to university. Since then, he has made me a coffee table, wood bowls and wood vases. I love showing them off to friends when they come to visit and everyone agrees that my dad should have done this for a living!

What are some of your favourite handmade gifts that you have received and why?

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  1. I have a lovely wall hanging sewn by a friend. I treasure it because, i know how much time and thought goes into making it. I know that with each stitch my friend was thinking of me and all our lovely memories together, Just as I think about someone when I am sewing for them. Suzie. x