Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Gifts For Others

One of the things that I love about crafting is making gifts for other people. I love seeing their reaction. It's easy to buy something, but it takes a bit of effort to make something for someone.

I think the reaction I love the most is seeing the delight in their eyes when I give something that has been customized just for them.

For example, when my friend Vicki got married, she had a harpist play during the ceremony. She loved the music and given her musical background, this was very important to her. So, I designed a cross stitch wedding announcement that featured a harp. She loved it, especially the harp! Plus, the fact that she was so appreciative of it made my day!

I have cross stitched a lot of gifts over the years, including wedding announcements for friends and pictures for my mom. Not only do I love seeing their reaction, but I also love when I see my handiwork displayed in their house. I love it when I go to a friend's house and noticed that they have hung the wedding announcement I cross stitched for them up on the wall.

I especially love it when they show my cross stitching to others. My dad never really understood the whole cross stitch thing, until I had one framed for my mom and she hung it up. Now, whenever they have guests over, my dad proudly shows off my cross stitching! It's such a great feeling!

What things have you made for others and what was their reaction?


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I originally started cross stitching because I decided to spend lots of time throughout my first pregnancy making Christmas gifts.

    While most reactions have been pleasant ones, sometimes people look at something and think or even say, "Oh, she just made it." This is unfortunate but all the times that my handmade gifts become heirlooms makes up for all the negative reactions.

  2. Yes you are so right, I think a handmade gift is a true treasure. Every stitch has a thought for the person you are sewing it for! Suzie. x