Monday, August 10, 2009

Having Fun in a Power Outage

Last night we had the worst thunderstorm in years. I was sitting on my porch and watched as this dark cloud quickly moved my way. As soon as the dark cloud reached my house, it went from sprinkling rain to gusting winds and heavy rains in less than a minute. The resulting lightning storm was amazing to watch, with new lightning strikes almost every minute. Along with the wind, rain and lightning, the power went out.

The storm produced such strong winds that they knocked down several hydro poles on a nearby street, plunging several blocks into darkness. Of course, not knowing the cause of the power outage, my neighbours and I prepared to wait it out. My neighbours invited my husband and I to come over for a visit. So, we sat in the living room with only candles on the table and shelves to light the room. We talked for a bit, laughed and had a good visit.

The highlight of the evening however, was our neighbour's five year old daughter entertaining us with her dance routine. Her mom shone a flashlight on her, as if it was the spotlight on a stage and introduced her to the "crowd". I provided the music and we all watched her dance. At the end of every dance routine, we all clapped and shouted "Bravo"!

It was a fun evening and all because of a thunderstorm. I'm just hoping that the next time we get together, it's not because of a power outage!

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