Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Review of "Knits Three Ways"

Today's blog is a book review of "Knits Three Ways" by Melissa Matthay. This book takes 12 different patterns and does 3 variations for each pattern, to give you a total of 36 new and exciting designs. I love the fact that it shows you how a pattern can be modified to give a totally different look to the finished item, just by changing the yarn, the type of stitches used and/or the length of the item.

The book starts off with a note from the author, explaining how she came up with the idea for the book and what you will find in it. The next six pages are dedicated to teaching you how to design your own sweaters. If nothing else, it will give you the confidence to modify patterns so that you will end up with the sweater of your dreams.

The rest of the book contains twelve patterns, with three variations on each pattern. Even then, for each variation, the author explains how you can take elements from the other variations. For example, if you liked the neckline from one variation and the sleeves from the other variation, she’ll explain how to combine those elements into the pattern you're looking at.

Myself, I will be trying out the v-neck cardigan, using the "Tracy" variation. I almost passed this pattern over, until I realized that it was the yarn I didn't like. The pattern is what I have been searching for – a simple cardigan. Now I have the confidence to change the yarn type and go for it!

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