Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Make Small Designs Larger

Free patterns are great, but sometimes they can be a little small. There are two ways that you can make the design bigger, without changing it.

The first way is to select an aida cloth with a smaller count. For example, if you switch from a 14 count aida cloth to an 11 count, your design will be instantly larger! A 5 x 7 design on 14 count now becomes 6 x 9 inches on 11 count.

The second way will make your design even larger. Keep the 14 count aida cloth, but instead of placing your stitch on one square, place it over 4 squares. Be sure not to stitch the middle hole, so that you don't change the look of the design. This method is similar to stitching on linen cloth. Now, your 5 x 7 design now becomes 10 x 14 inches. With no extra work on your part, your finished piece is now twice the size!

Happy stitching!

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