Monday, May 4, 2009

Tips for Using Leftover Floss

Have you ever worked on a cross stitch kit and then had leftover floss once you finished the project? Maybe it was a little, but sometimes you can be left with a lot of floss. Did you wonder what you should do with this leftover floss from the kit? Most people just throw it out, thinking they will have no use for the floss. Instead, keep the floss because here are a few ways that you can use it in the future:
  • Use the floss to stitch names and dates on wedding or birth announcements.
  • Put your initials and the date in the bottom corner to show when you completed the project.
  • Use it for small cross stitch patterns, such as bookmarks, or on patterns that only use a small number of colours.
  • Make braids and friendship bracelets or give the floss to a community center so the kids there can make friendship bracelets.
  • If you run out of a colour on a project you are working on, you could substitute it for a similar colour from your stash of leftover floss.
  • Change a colour in a pattern for one from your leftover floss stash to give the cross stitch pattern a fresh and unique look.
I hope that you have found these ideas useful. For tips on how to store your leftover floss, please visit Beautiful Creations for Cross Stitch Storage Tips.

Before you go, leave a comment below to let me know what you do with your leftover floss.

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