Friday, March 27, 2009

Scented Cross Stitch Floss

DMC has just come out with a brand new line of floss for cross stitching – and it's scented! The line is called "Secret Perfume" and only has 12 different colours and scents. The 12 floss colours are divided into three different groups:
  • Flower Bouquet, which features four different flowery scents;
  • Tutti-Frutti, which features four different citrus fruits scents; and
  • Delicacies, which features four different desert flavoured scents.
The scents, or perfumes, are released when you touch the floss. The idea is that you will experience aroma therapy as you stitch. An interesting idea, but with so many people allergic to perfume, it will be interesting to see how well this new line of floss really sells.

Personally, I'm not a perfume lover and I may actually be allergic to perfume. But, I think I would probably have to try this new scented floss at least once. Just to see what it's like. How about you? Let me know by placing a comment below, or go to the Guide to Cross Stitch and place your vote on “Would You Choose to Stitch With Scented Floss?”

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