Thursday, February 4, 2010

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

The way a gift is presented makes a big difference because it affects the perception of the value of the gift itself. Wrap it up in plain or even ugly gift wrap and the person receiving the gift will already be thinking subconsciously that the gift is cheap. Dress up the wrapping even a little, and the person will start thinking, "Wow - this must be a really expensive gift."

There are many different things that you can do very quickly that will help dress up any present to make it seem outstanding. In the picture below, I show two of these ideas.

The first idea is shown on the tall, pink gift bag. On its own, it is pretty and it serves its purpose. But it won't draw any attention to the bag itself. So, simply add a 3D embellishment and it immediately catches the person's attention. It's quick and simple! Just like that the person is already thinking, "Wow. Must be something special in here!"

The second idea shows how to dress up a plain white box. For this one, I took a thin strip of fabric and used it as a ribbon. Using fabric is much more interesting and unusual than using common ribbon. Plus, everyone likes having to pull the ribbon loose and unwrap the present. Finally, I finished decorating the box with a few embellishments - they will attract attention and have the person actually looking at the box before they open it!

I hope these ideas have inspired you! Remember, you don't have to do anything too complicated or time consuming to add interest and excitement before the gift is even opened!